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About Me


A few things about me and why I started this blog. I am currently on a one-year sabbatical traveling the US and abroad living full time in an RV named Consuela with the love of my life. I spent 19 years as an educator working with young people K-12 teaching physical adventure education, lifetime wellness, and recreational pursuits. After a series of three life-altering tragedies within ten years, I was utterly burned out and ready to give up on life. I decided to be brave, be bold, and take my life back. My inspiring real-life story could be your neighbor, a best friend, or your tomorrow. After scraping myself off the floor in December 2017, I realized that my life had spun completely out of balance and it was my responsibility to make the changes necessary to redirect the train. I was beyond burned out with life as the picture below was a great illustration of my former life.

The first thing I changed was the intake of proper nutrition while discovering a brand new way to live in balance, harmony, and peace. I transformed my life mentally, spiritually and physically after the decision to stop trying to fix things with and for other people that were out of my control. Life is a delicate balance and I had drifted so far out of the boundaries of life that it took a significant life shift and hitting rock bottom to bring me back to life. I desire to share my journey, lessons learned and a whole new world of adventures throughout my travel this upcoming year. If any of this resonates with you, then sign on with your friends and follow my stories of discovery, joy, challenge, sadness, heartache, trials, mending, healing, reflection, peace, harmony, second chances, and falling in love.


During the second summer blog series of Postcards from the Edge, I have no idea where this journey will take me. I truly get out of bed each morning and thank God I am alive, as I am so blessed and very grateful for a second chance to be the best version of myself as possible.


Disclaimer if you are faint of heart and are offended by a few cuss words, a little romance, or an in-depth spiritual exploration you might not want to follow my blog.

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