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Lake Powell Begins Today

June 5th

My Lake Powell Journey Begins

I sit here anxiously as the day has finally arrived for my long awaited Rainbow Bridge paddle. I watched the sun come up this morning at 5:15am and felt the affirmative drive to get an early start on the day. My first stop this morning will be at the Wahweap Marina at the southwestern most end of Lake Powell. I have dreamed about making this trip in my kayak for years. However, I could have never imagined that I would be here alone with so many changing perspectives evolving in my life. My last experience at Lake Powell was about 14 years ago when Susan and I towed our ski boat all the way from Arkansas with our beloved Golden Maggie. I have so many fond memories of that summer camping trip on Lake Powell and always thought Susan and I would return here one day and rent a houseboat with friends. Life has dramatically changed for both Susan and I since that summer Lake Powell adventure in 2002. Nevertheless, I am embracing the discomfort of walking alone and taking on this epic challenge of a 100 mile solo paddle. My heart is full of curiosity as to what the next 6 days will be like living off the kayak. I am well prepared mentally and physically fit. I have a solid plan for the challenge, yet there is always the unpredictability of water and wind on this lake. I will journal about the next 6 days in my notebook, which will travel with me in a dry sack. My plan is to post daily entries on my Post Cards from the Edge online blog next week when I get off the lake. I have no idea if I will have any cell phone coverage over the next 6 days, but if so I plan to post some spectacular pictures on Instagram. I am leaving a float plan at the Wahweap Marina with my Rainbow Bridge National Monument destination, my boat description, and approximate return date back next weekend. I am ready to get this adventure underway. In a recent book I just read, The Untethered Soul,” by Michael A. Singer, he posed the question; what would you be doing with your life today if you had one week left before you died? Here’s to chasing your dreams and letting the adventure begin within yourself.


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